• Aliana Müller

    Biologist • Physiotherapist
    Riding Therapist • Hippotherapist

What is equine-assisted therapy?

Equine-assisted therapy is an alternative therapeutic approach for people with physical, cognitive or psychological disorders. Since the horse is a large warm-blooded flight-animal that can carry a human being, using the animal as a therapeutic partner offers a plethora of possibilities for contributing positively to the cognitive, emotional, physical and social well-being.

During an equine-assisted therapy session, you are guided in interactions with and around the horse such as grooming, leading, working from the ground and riding. As the equine-assisted therapist, I am the translator between you as the client and the horse.

What are the goals of equine-assisted therapy?

The objectives are always matched individually with the client and they are dependent on the motivation and constitution of the client.

  • For clients suffering from psychological disorders, the focus may be on building self-confidence, identifying and activating resources, and promoting problem-solving skills.
  • Clients who have physical impairments can profit from the sensory-motor stimulation that horses offer, muscle tonus regulation and increased fitness.

The interaction with the horse provides a holistic approach which integrates cognitive, emotional and physical well-being!

Aliana Mueller - Equine-Assisted Therapy
Aliana Mueller - Equine-Assisted Therapy
Aliana Mueller - Equine-Assisted Therapy


By arrangement, usually 60 to 90 minutes per session.


The prices for my therapeutic offers comply with the fee guidelines provided by the professional association for equine-assisted interventions (PI). • 60 minutes: 70€

Financial support options

In some cases the Office for Youth Welfare may support some of the therapy expenses. Private health insurances or fund raising clubs are also possible sources of funds. I will gladly assist you

Where does Equine-Assisted Therapy take place?

We are located next door to Switzerland and Austria near the beautiful lake of Constance in the midst of fields and forests, yet just a short drive from the town centre of Constance

Where does Equine-Assisted Therapy take place?